What is a Solutions provider?

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For our very first blog, we wanted to give you a quick introduction to who we are and what we do. Simply put, we are a hands-on engineering company that create solutions to improve safety and efficiency of equipment. We work with clients in the construction, manufacturing and service industries to manage and implement modifications to existing equipment or create innovative modern technology. We are skilled at integrating a variety of mechanical, electrical and software solutions into existing equipment to enhance functionality, improve safety, enhance mobility and add remote connectivity for monitoring or control also known as “connected devices” or the “Internet of things” (IoT).

When would you call on us?

If you have a safety or productivity concern related to lifting, movement or storage then we are the team to work with. Don’t assume that those issues will disappear on their own. A single injury could cause serious financial strain on your company and you must act diligently.

Why choose us over others?

Well for starters, we are seriously committed to making simple, safe, reliable and efficient equipment. Since most of us can’t bench press 200lbs, we put a lot of thought into developing ergonomic, light, easy to assemble solutions that carry their own weight efficiently during transport. We go to great lengths to understand how our equipment is used and strive to reduce or eliminate stress on the body when using our devices. We have extensive experience with hydraulic, pneumatic and portable electric lifting and motion systems and know when to employ these systems. We involve the assistance of occupational or physical therapists in the design of our equipment to further identify improvements in ergonomics and lifting mechanics.

When Prolift Solutions Inc., a well known automotive lift service company, wanted to solve a nagging safety issue of moving lifts and raising heavy posts off their concrete anchors, they got us involved. With their input, we designed a purpose built portable 12v battery operated remote-controlled lifting machine that solved their problem and became much more. It’s light, portable, can fit into a small van like a Ford Transit, lift and move 1000lbs of equipment during service and installation. Over the next few blogs we will dive into the details of the development of this portable lift with extensive input from automotive equipment service technicians. Stay tuned.