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At Mass Equipment Solutions, we come to work each day ready to solve some of the biggest challenges facing service companies in the automotive equipment industry. Cars will continue to evolve in design incorporating new power plants and automated controls, but they will still require some form of service, inspection or maintenance where a visit to a repair facility is inevitable.

As the automobile evolves, so will the typical automotive service station. Take a look at your local Lexus, BMW or Mercedes dealership and you will see a vastly different service station now when compared to 20 years ago. A streamlined, polished environment with increasing attention to detail, employing innovative equipment to make the technician’s tasks safe, efficient and clean. The workhorses of these service stations will continue to be automotive lifts, tire changers and air compressors, all of which are critical to an automotive shop that relies on them for revenue. 

Maintaining and servicing this equipment is the job of a specialized group of technicians that are qualified by receiving training from manufacturers and experience or formal training in another field. However, equipment and processes to install, service and inspect these machines have stayed in the past. Most service companies still rely on heavy manual lifting and equipment made to fit from other industries, like the engine crane. Inspection and service data is still filled into paper forms and stored in filling cabinets. The industry is ready for a change to catch up with their customers. Mass Equipment Solutions together with the industry leaders are here to help. 

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