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The MPL series portable lift is a versatile, multi accessory lifting system for portable or facility use. It is designed to disassemble to fit into tight spaces and can move through a standard 36″ wide doorway fully assembled. The support legs are independently adjustable allowing for clearance around obstacles and  odd shaped machines.

Use this step by step builder to configure an MPL lifting system that is customized to your business needs and budget. Start by selecting a base unit and follow the steps until you finalize your MPL lift. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Please visit the products pages for more details on the various options and configurations.


The MPL series portable lift was engineered from the ground up to be a super portable, multi-function modular lifting solution for field service technicians. With multiple configurations, it can adapt to a variety of lifting conditions.  Many lifts claim to be portable, but when you try to fit them into a truck or van, they are heavy, awkward and just don’t leave much room for cargo or supplies. The MPL portable lift can fit into a compact cargo van as small as a Ford Transit Connect with extra room to fit cargo, tools or supplies. The MPL easily disassembles for transport within seconds. Once disassembled it occupies a rectangular box shape keeping storage efficient and compact.

The MPL portable lifter is no weakling; it has an impressive 1000 pound capacity rating.

Typical uses for the MPL portable lifter are;  equipment repair technicians, equipment installation, manufacturing / warehousing, mobile equipment repair. Anywhere you require lifting a load but don’t have the ability to use a forklift, engine crane or other similar device, consider our MPL series of lifts to do the job.


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